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Hundreds of companies throughout Germany have trusted us for more than 30 years. Here are just a few of the examples of our work on modern, efficient solutions.

Tallest residential building in Germany - Grand Tower Frankfurt

Our services:

  • Cabling of the MSR technology
  • approx. 2000 bus-capable room control units
  • 416 space stations, operable via touch panels
  • Connection of various bus systems (ModBus®, BACnet®)
  • 2 fully air-conditioned ventilation systems including humidification and dehumidification
  • Smoke extraction scenario for 17 zones in the basement
  • Reporting and control of over 365 fire dampers
  • Connection/ control of underground car park ventilation
  • Connection/ control of district heating
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Warehouse complex at the Wallersdorf site

Our services:

  • Cost savings in cabling thanks to bus components
  • Connection of self-sufficient heating and ventilation systems
  • KNX Bus connection
  • Control of the heating circuits and ventilation systems
  • Operating and fault message management
  • Central system operation via building management system
  • Central meter monitoring
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BASF SE - Chemetall GmbH

Our services:

  • Complete building control technology
  • Control and regulation of four ventilation units, with partial full air conditioning (humidify, dehumidify)
  • Control of heating and cooling
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RBZ Technik - largest technical vocational school in the state of Schleswig-Holstein

Our services:

  • Uniform system for heating/ventilation and individual room control
  • Efficient operation through building control technology with web interface
  • Connection of various bus systems (ModBus®, BACnet®)
  • Intuitive operation with central fault message management
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Hansa Flex Bremen – new logistics building and production areas

Our services:

  • Regulation and control of heating and ventilation systems
  • Central fault message management
  • Connection of various bus systems (ModBus®, BACnet®)
  • Visualization of the individual room control via KNX
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Dietz GmbH headquarters Neustadt

Our services:

  • Building automation with individual room control for temperature, light and blinds
  • Fully automated light and blind control
  • Control and regulation of heating and ventilation systems
  • Connection of various bus systems (ModBus®, BACnet®)
  • Building management system with fault reporting and energy management
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Amino GmbH production building

Our services:

  • Complete building management system (web interface)
  • Control and regulation of two ventilation units
  • Heating control with ceiling air heaters in the hall and production building
  • Heating and cooling control
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Oehler Regeltechnik GmbH

We are professional providers with more than 30 years of experience and offer control, control cabinet, software, building control technology and system support from a single source.